Marie (polexxia) wrote in ausfahrt,

Social Updates!

Friday, Oct 25: Halloween Party at Alex. 5 Euro entry. Get in free if wearing a costume. All patrons receive one free drink.
Yes, I'm sure CERTAIN PEOPLE will still get in free AND manage to score free drinks

Saturday, Oct.26: Party at Marie's, 9:00 PM
Yes, the usual time, the usual suspects. If you want something other than the usual drinks, it's BYOB. And that includes Smirnoff Ice. The shit is just TOOO expensive.

Monday, Oct 28: Pop Culture class starts for those of us who got a slot. I'll call Friday to find out the location for sure.

Thursday, Oct. 31: CE Haunted House/Trick or Treating. Time TBA
Although there is a costume contest at work this day, I know a lot of us don't plan to participate. Check with Boo about whether or not we're doing costumes in the evening, though.

Friday, November 1: Boo's birthday Kaijute
We need to coordinate which bus we're taking and who's cabbing back with whom, 'cause 30 Euro a cab is EEEVIL

Friday, November 1: Ladies' Night at Alex. Ladies get in free.
If you don't plan to go to Kaijute's for Boo's birthday, this is an alternative. Might also be a good chance to meet some new people up there. Personally, I plan on being with Boo.

Saturday, November 2: Castel
Not only are we STILL celebrating Boo's birthday, but it's also soccerskank's last Saturday before she PCSes

Friday, November 8: All-You-Can-Drink Night at Alex. 10 Euro for ladies, 15 Euro for men. Drink free all night.
There is a high probability that I won't attend this. It really depends on who else is going, because I have no desire to be awash in puke all night. Not that I'm saying some of our friends can't hold their liquor. Except that I am :)

Sunday, November 10: Chicos, 7:30 PM
Make sure Boo knows ahead of time if you're coming or not, 'cause we need to call for reservations

Saturday, November 23: Sparky's birthday
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